How use and maintain LLINs

An LLIN is very valuable. It is cheaper to buy a net than to treat malaria. Using an LLIN can:

  • Prevent miscarriages and still births during pregnancy.
  • Protect the lives of your children against malaria.
  • Give you a peaceful night’s rest.

Hanging the LLIN

Sleeping indoors

  1. Before using your LLIN, hang it somewhere to air out for at least one day
  2. Hang the net using strings provided on the corners or the middle of your net (1) & (2).
  3. Tuck the net under the mat or mattress so mosquitoes have no space to enter (1) & (2).
  4. During the day, ­flip up the net so it cannot get damaged (3).
  5. Avoid using fire near you treated net.

Sleeping outdoors

  1. Hang the net over the sleeping mat on sticks at each corner or under a tree. Tuck the net under the sleeping mat or make sure it touches the ground all around (4).
  2. Do not leave the net in the sun during the day because sunshine weakens the insecticide.
Illustration of how to use the long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs). 1. LLIN use in Africa. Source P. Skov Vestergaard Frandsen (2007). (2) Tucking the net under the mattress. Source Jessica Nipp Hacker ELCA (3) ¬Flipping up the net. Source PSI. (4) Hang the net over the sleeping bed on the tree at each corner. Source: courtesy of USDA NRCS.

How to maintain LLINs

  • Wash the net only when it’s dirty with water and soap (3 times a year at least once a year).
  • Re-treat nets after three washes times, or at least once a year even if it is not washed.
  • Re-treat nets before the rainy season.
  • Dry the LLIN away from direct sunlight, preferably on the grass under a tree shade
  • Sew up the net if is torn so that mosquitoes and other insects cannot get inside. Sew up every small hole in your LLIN before it becomes big and hard to manage.
  • Protect your family and yourself from mosquitoes and malaria by using the net every night, all year round, even if you do not see or hear mosquitoes.

Location where to get bed nets.

  • LLINs can be provided during massive LLINs campaign distribution and at the health facilities (hospitals, health centers).
  • LLNIs are sold at the drug stores.

Different types of bed nets available

LLIN : Fibber :polyethylene or polyester plus Insecticide : permethrin 2% , 20 g/kg, Or Alpha-cypermethrin 6g//kg + I_ 25% or Deltamethrin 6.25 %.