About Nature Today

Nature Today keeps you informed on topical developments in nature. The stories are written by biologists on a wide range of topics including butterflies, mammals, amphibians, dragonflies, plants and birds.

Since 2008 biologists of nature organisations and knowledge institutes in The Netherlands publish two stories per day on Natuurbericht.nl. On 26 November 2015 Natuurbericht.nl changed into Naturetoday.com. Nature Today aims to inform society on topical developments in nature by making use of:

  1. Results from existing ecological monitoring programs;
  2. Available ecological knowledge at nature organisations and knowledge institutes.
  3. New programs and ICT technologies for analyses, forecasts and (live) visualisation of events in nature.

The vision of Nature Today is:

By continuously and actively informing the public and specific target groups on topical developments in nature people will become more connected with nature, they will get more knowledge on nature, they will better appreciate nature and they will be more motivated to contribute to monitoring, management and preservation of nature.

We publish stories on topical developments in nature worldwide, the majority of the stories is still in Dutch, but the number of English stories is increasing. In the coming months we want to, more and more, involve biologists from other countries to also publish their stories on Nature Today.