Successful edition of the Big Live Nature Quiz Kids

Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA)
23-NOV-2022 - The Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance just hosted the Big Live Nature Quiz for young people aged 12-14, living on Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Maarten, and Sint Eustatius. With 134 participating teams from across the six Dutch Caribbean islands, the event was a great opportunity to bring nature into the classrooms. After many exciting and thrilling question rounds, a team on Sint Maarten won.

The Big Live Nature Quiz- kids edition is a live online nature trivia game hosted by DCNA and played in high schools across the Dutch Caribbean. The quiz is a true multi-island team effort: created and supported by the six Dutch Caribbean islands including the nature conservation organizations, high schools, local sponsors, and Dutch Caribbean TV. The quiz questions were made available in four languages: English, Dutch, Papiamentu, and Papiamento. Due to the extreme weather and school closures on some of the islands, the quiz was postponed for a week, to November 15th. 


The quiz was hosted online

There were 134 teams competing, each made up of one to four kids. The first-place team, ‘Kenatra Palarchie’, won a sailing and snorkeling trip around Sint Maarten, on which we are sure they will treat their fellow sailors with lots of interesting trivia facts about the marine life they see. Also, several local prizes were available for the island winners. The highest scoring team was ‘Lions’ for Bonaire, ‘4×4’ for Curacao, ‘Perros’ for Saba, ‘Fun-tastic four’ for St Eustatius, and ‘Kenatra Palarchie’ for St Maarten. DCNA would like to congratulate all the teams on their impressive trivia knowledge! 

Endangered species 

Participants on Saba

This year’s quiz included questions about the endangered animals and plants within the Dutch Caribbean. From rare flowers to burrowing owls, this quiz covered a whole host of island inhabitants, showcasing the unique and extraordinary wildlife across the islands.

Want to put your knowledge to the test? Here are a few of the questions:

1. When bats disappear the cacti population can also decline. What is the reason for this?
A) Without bats the fruits are not eaten
B) Without bats there is no asexual reproduction
C) Without bats the cactus flowers are less frequent pollinated
D) Without bats the fungi will not be eaten from the cacti 

2. Humpback whales visit the Caribbean between January and April for …
A) Feeding
B) Calving and breeding
C) To escape the colder waters
D) Family aggregation

3. What is one reason that many insect species are in danger of extinction?
A) Due to the frequent use of pesticides (poison)
B) There are more and more insectivores (geckos for example)
C) There are more and more plants that are poisonous to insects
D) Insects are dying due to the rise in tempature (global warming)​

Yearly free event 

The Big Live Nature Quiz is created to teach citizens about nature in a fun and interactive way, to instill pride in the islands’ wildlife, support nature-friendly practices, support the projects of the nature parks, and to bring people in the Dutch Caribbean into contact with each other. This is a free annual event for adults and youth since 2020.  

The Big Live Nature Quiz is subsidized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) and the DCNA activities are supported by the Dutch Postcode Lottery. Local prizes were kindly sponsored by Gio’s Bonaire, Rumba Café and El Mundo.

Don’t miss the next Big Live Nature Quiz 

The next edition for adults is planned for April 2023 and for youth in November 2023.  Follow DCNA on Facebook and Instagram or visit BigLiveNatureQuiz.org for more details.

Text: DCNA
Photos: Christian König; Dutch Caribbean TV; DCNA
 Participants from Bonaire

 Answers: 1) C; 2) B; 3) A