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Monsters nemen uit het ijs

Scientists from the University of Amsterdam and University of Groningen are going to investigate micro-algae in the sea around Antarctica and their role in global cycles of carbon and sulphur. These algae form the basis of the..

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Fireworks and birds

Birds are affected by the mass use of fireworks on New Year's Eve up to a distance of ten kilometres away. This is concluded by researchers of the University of Amsterdam, based on data from weather radar and bird counts. They..

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Kleine zwaan (Cygnus bewickii)

Bewick’s swans fly less far during their autumn migration when the weather is warm. Climate change has therefore led to a shift in their common wintering areas. Now, for the first time, bird researchers have been able to pinpoint..

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Parende motten

Male moths get part of the chemicals that they use during courtship from plants. This was discovered by researchers from the University of Amsterdam and North Carolina State University. At the beginning of August they published..

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Ground nesting in chimpanzees was once thought to be a rare and patchily-occurring behaviour. However, a new paper shows that it is a major component of the species’ behavioural repertoire across a considerable fraction of a..

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Proefopstelling met algen-consumerende mosselen nadat de mosselen psychofarmaceutica in hun cellen hebben opgenomen.

More than one million people in the Netherlands are using medication against mental illnesses such as depression and psychosis. Residues of these medicines are found in waste water. After many cleansing treatments, our waste water..

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Healthy coral reef dominated by corals and calcifying algae

Coral reefs host a complex underwater metropole of organisms living by their own day and night rhythms. A new study by Benjamin Mueller and colleagues shows that the nighttime activity of one reef inhabitant, the turf algae, might..

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64 million square kilometres – 44 percent of Earth’s land area – require conservation to safeguard biodiversity. This is revealed in a new research led by biologists of the University of Amsterdam, that was published on June 3rd..

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An international team of biologists has successfully used biologgers to reveal insights into the lifestyle and hunting behaviour of the little-known species Sowerby’s beaked whale. The team’s first results show that these dolphins..

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Sequestration of carbon from the atmosphere into tropical vegetation has been suggested as a mitigating factor of anthropogenically elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. A new study now shows that over the long term there is..

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