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De Thaise bosschorpioen, Heterometrus spinifer, is in de studie gebruikt om de vernieuwde methode op te testen.

An international team of scientists has found an innovative, animal-friendly way of studying venom genes. The technique makes it possible to determine the unique venom production of a wide range of venomous animals...

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oude tekening lead

The beetle on the image above is a European stag beetle and the fruit at the bottom left is a fig - but which species of fish is that? This drawing is one in a series of several hundred drawings made and collected between 1596 and..

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Stoep plantjes

Slowly, urban planners are realizing the importance of plants, micro-organisms and animals in the city soil. In the Netherlands, the city of Amsterdam is leading the way. Their new book BiodiverCITY shows that they mean business...

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De afbeelding toont een laat-Pleistoceen landschap met wolharige mammoeten, paardachtigen, een wolharige neushoorn en Europese holenleeuwen met een rendierkarkas.

The current Arctic region is a desolate place with sparse scrubs, barely enough to support roaming reindeer. Yet 50,000 years ago, in the Pleistocene, that picture was completely different: large herds of woolly mammoths and..

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Freshwater Watch

Earthwatch Europe is delighted to announce the roll-out of its FreshWater Watch programme to the Netherlands, thanks to support from Naturalis Biodiversity Center. FreshWater Watch is a global programme in which individuals and..

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The common Caribbean coral Porites astreoides was found on both the artificial and natural reef.

Manmade structures such as seawalls, breakwaters, and jetties are increasing in frequency in marine coastal environments. Overtime, these structures are unintentionally recruiting marine life such as corals, resulting in the..

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This summer, visitors to Naturalis can see something unique in the museum: a giant installation that will photograph tiny insects in detail...

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Mammal species on islands differ from those on the mainland. That is due to their isolation for hundreds of thousands or millions of years. In addition, there are no warm-blooded land predators, and the quantity of food is..

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Een zeepaardje, Hippocampus denise, die zich verschuilt tussen octokoralen

Seahorses worldwide are threatened with extinction as a result of their habitat being damaged. In addition, their iconic appearance makes them popular in international trade. A recent study revealed how this trade in seahorses has..

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A new study shows that the current rate of biodiversity decline in freshwater ecosystems outcompetes the extinction at the end of the Cretaceous, that killed the dinosaurs. Damage now being done in decades to centuries may take..

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