Komst wisent op de Maashorst

New release of European bison in The Netherlands

ARK Nature
07-MAR-2016 - Today The Netherlands witnessed the start of a new bison grazing project. The first four animals were released in the Maashorst nature reserve in the south-eastern part of the country (Province of North Brabant) where ultimately a starting herd of 11 animals will roam a landscape of at least 1,500 hectares of forests, grasslands, shrubs and sand dunes.

The Maashorst is the second nature reserve in the country that has European bison, after the successful reintroduction in the Kraansvlak nature reserve in the province of North Holland in 2007. This morning, the animals were released in a 200 hectare large acclimatisation zone, witnessed by representatives of local municipalities, State Forest Service, the province of North Brabant, conservation organisations and local communities. To complete the starting herd, seven more animals will arrive from Kraansvlak and Germany during the coming days, making a total of three bulls and eight cows.

European bison in the Maashorst nature reserve

During the first few weeks, the acclimatisation enclosure will be closed for public, but after that there will be guided excursions in the area. Ultimately, the intention is that the public will have free access to the entire area where bison will roam.

One week before the release of the animals, a contract between Rewilding Europe and ARK Nature, one of the rewilding partners of Rewilding Europe, was signed putting the 11 bison as part of the European Wildlife Bank. In total, the European Wildlife Bank now holds 54 European bison, spread over 5 areas in 3 countries.

The Maashorst is a rewilding initiative initiated by the State Forest Service and four municipalities, together with local conservationists and enthusiasts, and in close collaboration with the Province of North Brabant and ARK Nature.

European bison in the Maashorst nature reserve

Tauros and Exmoor already graze part of the reserve and more will arrive in the near future, which will make the area the first in Europe that has all the three larger herbivores grazing in one area. Rewilding Europe would very much welcome the Maashorst soon to become part of the European Rewilding Network.

For more information about the Maashorst rewilding area, see www.allemaalmaashorst.nl (in Dutch only).

Text: Twan Teunissen, ARK Nature and Mei Abraham Elderadži, Rewilding Europe
Images: Bob Luijks, ARK Nature (lead image: European bison arrives in the Maashorst); Twan Teunissen, ARK Nature