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During the week of April 11, members from the NFSXM, the DCNA, the SCF, and Beneath the Waves conduct shark research in the territorial waters of Sint Maarten. The goal of the week-long project is to gather data on sharks in Sint..

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bosparelmoervlinder - primair

Airborne laser scanning creates high-resolution 3D images of the landscape. Researchers from the University of Amsterdam and the Dutch Butterfly Conservation used these data to study the habitat preferences of butterflies. They..

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ontmoeting mantarog lead

DCNA is partnering with the Caribbean Islands Manta Conservation Program, an affiliate project of the Manta Trust, and to track local manta rays and devil rays within the Dutch Caribbean. When citizen scientists..

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In a Dutch marine lab the sea urchin Diadema antillarum has been cultivated. This sea urchin eats algae and is therefore important to help restore the coral reefs around Saba and Sint Eustatius (Caribbean Netherlands). The first..

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Latex handschoen waarin baars gevangen was geraakt in Leidse grachten

The face masks and gloves designed to protect us are, in fact, dangerous for the animals around us. Scientists from Leiden warn that throughout the world, on land and in the water, animals are ingesting corona waste, or getting..

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Informational material for regulations outlined in the Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species of wild flora and fauna (known as the CITES) has been developed for residents and tourists on Bonaire, Saba, and St...

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Een mannetjes balkankamsalamander lead

Natural selection usually purges lethal, genetic mutations within the DNA as much as possible. However, occasionally an error occurs in nature that can cause species to become stuck with deadly mutations. Newts belonging to the..

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All things start small, but the idea of rewilding has now started to move into mainstream conservation EENMALIG GEBRUIK

On March 20, people across the planet will celebrate the first annual #WorldRewildingDay, raising awareness of rewilding and the need to recover nature...

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Sabal antillensis lead

An update to a 40-year-old Sabal palm survey for the islands of Bonaire and Curaçao highlighted the striking differences between the two islands. Through active park management, Curaçao has seen over more than a three-fold..

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De juffer Mesopodagrion tibetanum komt alleen voor in de bergen van zuidoost Azië en is een van de slechts twee soorten van de familie Mesopodagrionidae.

A large-scale international study has resulted in a better understanding of the origin of six thousand species of dragonflies and damselflies on earth and of their relationship to each other. Scientists, including researchers from..

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