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Landbouwveldje aan de rand van Kisumu, Kenia

Setting up sustainable farming systems requires policymakers and farmers to start weighing factors at different spatial scales. Alternative agricultural policies still place too much emphasis on production and too little on..

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Tjisse van der Heide

Professor of coastal ecology and NIOZ scientist Tjisse van der Heide receives a prestigious Vici grant for his research on coastal ecosystem restoration. NWO announced today that Van der Heide will receive a grant of one and a..

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Taking water samples from the erosion experiment in the Oosterschelde. In the photo Alena di Primio and Dunia Rios-Yunes.

If storms become stronger in the future due to climate change, more nitrogen may be released from the bottom of coastal seas. This is shown by research of marine biogeochemist Dunia Rios-Yunes at The Netherlands Institute for Sea..

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Spuisluisje bij Zwarte Haan

Particularly in spring, less and less fresh water flows from Dutch and German rivers into the Wadden Sea. This affects the life of algae and, therefore, fish and birds on the mudflats as well. ..

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Jacintha Ellers

Professor Jacintha Ellers, a keynote speaker at the Dutch Caribbean Nature-Based Solutions Symposium, discussed the evolving nature conservation perspective and the urgent need for eco-centric strategies amid climate challenges...

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DCNA symp lead

During the Nature-Based Solutions for Ecosystem Restoration Symposium, Arno Verhoeven showcased a number of flourishing Nature-Based Solutions ongoing within the Dutch Caribbean. From community-driven endeavors in St. Eustatius to..

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The Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance and Fundacion Parke Nacional Aruba recently hosted a symposium on 'Nature-Based Solutions for Ecosystem Restoration', providing a platform for experts like Arxen Alders to share insights...

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Caribbean islands are not just picturesque destinations, they are also home to remarkable natural wonders. Natasha Silva, Chief Conservation Officer of Fundacion Parke Nacional Aruba, recently shed light on the conservation..

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Bosgebied in Roemenië

The European Parliament will take a final vote on the Nature Restoration Law early in 2024. This hotly debated regulation aims to halt and reverse the loss of biodiversity in Europe. An international team of scientists with..

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Cockles that were collected at a sampling station.

As tidal flats subside due to gas extraction, their composition changes. This is shown in a paper that is published in this month’s Journal of Applied Ecology. ..

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