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Korstmossen op een wegeik

The heat gradient in urban areas has affected the biodiversity of plants and animals. Yet, how it affects the hidden urban biodiversity, such as bacteria in soil and lichens, is still virtually unknown. This new study shows that..

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Climate change has an effect on forests and trees. They suffer from heatwaves and periods of drought. Although we see tree mortality increase as a result, much is still unknown about the underlying mechanisms. ..

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Kust van Cayenne, Frans-Guyana

A large quantity of fossils from the period just before and during the last ice age have been discovered in French Guiana. The area changed from a species-rich mangrove system to a dry grassland savannah in a relatively short..

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Rosse Grutto's arriveren op de toendra broedgebieden rond de tijd van het smelten van de sneeuw.

Changing climate may slowly erode the difference between two subspecies of bar-tailed godwits. That warning is voiced by bird researchers from the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) and the University of Amsterdam..

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An unbleached star coral (middle) among peers that have been bleached - Oostpunt November 2023

The Caribbean Research & Management of Biodiversity Foundation (Carmabi) has noted that there is another ‘coral bleaching event’ on the coral reefs of Curaçao this year. This phenomenon was noticed about 16 weeks ago and is..

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Plastic afval

Plastic pollution is a global problem and Dutch rivers are no exception. Anyone who has ever walked along their banks will know the sight of bottles, caps and food packaging. But some of that litter may originate from elsewhere...

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Foram baby of 07/10 at 21 degrees Celcius (Amphistegina lessonii)

The fossil calciferous skeletons of single-celled foraminifers are a beautiful history book with information on CO2-levels in the oceans of the distant past. "But if you want to fully understand that history, you must first..

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The (Dutch) Caribbean islands are facing unprecedented challenges posed by climate change, including rising sea levels, intensifying hurricanes, heatwaves, and heavy rainfall. In response to these threats, Royal Netherlands..

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Kleine zwaan (Cygnus bewickii)

Bewick’s swans fly less far during their autumn migration when the weather is warm. Climate change has therefore led to a shift in their common wintering areas. Now, for the first time, bird researchers have been able to pinpoint..

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The expected increase in extreme weather could make the bottom of tidal flats more unstable. That's shown by NIOZ researcher Zhengquan Zhou in the PhD thesis he will defend at Utrecht University on September 7th. ..

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