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Zwerm spreeuwen

Young, naïve starlings are looking for their wintering grounds independently of experienced conspecifics. By revisiting a classic ‘displacement’ experiment and by adding new data, a team of researchers at the Netherlands Institute..

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Red Knot (Calidris canutus islandica) in the breeding grounds.

Climate change may speed up the emergence of insects in northern countries at the end of winter. This may cause breeding birds, migrating from the south, to come too late to benefit from the insect peak if they do not adjust their..

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He-Bo Peng is observing the birds

On the mudflats along the Chinese coasts where non-desctructive forms of aquaculture are practiced, shorebirds like knots and bar-tailed godwits are doing relatively well. “The culturing of shellfish is by no means a way of nature..

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Rosse Grutto's arriveren op de toendra broedgebieden rond de tijd van het smelten van de sneeuw.

Changing climate may slowly erode the difference between two subspecies of bar-tailed godwits. That warning is voiced by bird researchers from the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) and the University of Amsterdam..

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Emma Penning sampling the mudflat for shrimp and crab, the skyline of Griend on the background.

Contrary to the population trends for many shorebirds, sanderlings have been doing relatively well in the Wadden Sea for the past years. The key to that success lies in the timing of these little birds' main food: shrimp on the..

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Kleine zwaan (Cygnus bewickii)

Bewick’s swans fly less far during their autumn migration when the weather is warm. Climate change has therefore led to a shift in their common wintering areas. Now, for the first time, bird researchers have been able to pinpoint..

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Drieteenstrandloper broedend in Groenland

Sanderlings are having an increasingly difficult time on their breeding grounds in Greenland. This is not always because climate change is causing spring to start earlier and earlier there – as is often assumed – but rather..

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Geringde scholeksters met GPS-zenders

Tens of thousands of animals around the world are monitored using GPS trackers to protect wildlife and study animal behaviour. The collected data are also useful for biodiversity research, but are seldom available on platforms..

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weerradar op Corfu, Griekenland

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam have developed a model that can accurately predict the current migration routes of migratory birds. This offers the possibility of taking adequate measures at the right time when birds..

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The Wadden Sea is changing due to human influences such as mining for gas, tourism and sea level rise. Researcher Selin Ersoy, ecologist at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) studied how ‘personalities’ of..

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