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Capgemini experts, together with Naturalis Biodiversity Center and Amazon Web Services, have developed AI models that recognize insect sounds. This is important both for research and nature conservation. ..

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Rats have become a significant issue for the Dutch Caribbean islands. In addition to being disease vectors, these island invaders can also dramatically upset the delicate ecological balance on the islands by devouring bird eggs,..

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Water hyacinth.

A free floating aquatic plant, water hyacinth, is becoming a significant issue for the islands of Aruba and Curaçao. This plant can negatively impact ecosystems by obstructing sunlight, depleting oxygen levels, disrupting water..

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Tilapia, a freshwater fish originally from Africa, introduced to the islands of Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten, has managed to rapidly reproduce and dominate the local fresh and brackish water habitats on the islands. These fish..

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Plants or animals brought into nature - accidentally or on purpose - from distant lands can cause major problems. Such exotic species are therefore seen in a negative light, especially when they are also 'invasive' and push out..

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green iguana (bijgesneden)

Florida is a hotspot for non-native species including many reptiles, which are spreading unchecked to the Caribbean. The Peters’s rock agama, a lizard native to sub-Saharan Africa, is among the latest species to spread from..

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Neem Tree

The neem tree is an invasive species that was introduced to the Caribbean in the early 1900s. Originally from India, this tree was brought over for its medicinal, pesticidal and ornamental properties. Locals soon realized this..

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boa constrictor

Likely introduced via the exotic pet industry, boa constrictors have had an island-wide population on Aruba since 2005. The impact of boa constrictors on Aruba has led to the implementation of control measures, including removal..

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Sabaanse Volwassen leguaan liggend op een rots op Saba (eenmalig exclusief gebruik WUR)

Research of Wageningen University & Research has identified a recent incursion of non-native iguanas on Saba, which form a major threat to the endemic melanistic iguana population. A promising study shows a new methodology with..

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Coralita is an ornamental plant that was introduced to several Caribbean islands and has quickly found its way to the top of the invasive species lists for the Dutch Caribbean. Its fast-growing vines smother and outcompete native..

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