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The Dutch landscape is losing plant species that rely on pollination by insects, while plants pollinated by wind are proportionally increasing. Leiden environmental scientist Kaixuan Pan demonstrates this after analysing 87 years..

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Anthophora romandii, one of the over 2000 wild bee species in Europe, known from Portugal, Spain and the Balearic Islands is missing publicly available ecological data related to its long-term population trends, its size, feeding habits and plant interactions and has no available genetic sequence data. Anthophora romandii female (Hym. Apidae), 24.ii.2022, Andalucia, Spain.

Data gaps make it challenging to understand ecology, distribution, and conservation needs of wild bees in Europe. BeeFall compiles ecological data to map distribution, variation, trends, and interactions. It allows citizen..

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Lentevliegende zwarte sachembij op voederwikke

Since 2018, researchers from Wageningen University & Research have been measuring bees and flowers across the Geuldal area of South Limburg to understand how to improve habitat for bees. A recent study shows that across five years..

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winlocatie Cascade

Cascade, the trade association for raw material companies, teamed up with Dutch Butterfly Conservation in developing a roadmap to create more habitat for pollinators, such as butterflies, bees and hoverflies, at extraction sites...

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Honeybee, honingbij

Approximately the same numbers of honeybees survived the winter in the Netherlands as last year. This year around 84% of the honeybees came through the cold season, a similar amount to the 86% last year...

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