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De bladloze orchidee Gastodia elata is volledig mycoheterotroof

Orchids, ‘pandas of the plant world’, form unique interactions with mycorrhizal fungi. Large-scale ancestral state reconstructions and phylogenetic comparative models give new insights into the coevolution of physiological traits..

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Your lovely smile and the smiles of sharks have less to do with each other than previously thought. All kinds of aspects of jaws have all evolved independently and have been lost several times in the early evolution of jawed..

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During the week of April 11, multiple ‘scientific firsts’ were conducted as part of the 'Shark Shakedown' project. Researchers tagged eleven sharks, including for the first time a female pregnant tiger shark and endangered..

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Gezenderde ruige dwergvleermuis UK (eenmalig gebruik WUR)

In the night of Sunday 2 to Monday 3 May, a Nathusius' pipistrelle flew from Minsmere in England directly to Wijk aan Zee (Netherlands). This is the first detection of such a crossing from England to the Netherlands through the..

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mijnen adderwortelgaatjesmaker

Snake-root is host for rare butterflies and moths, especially in nutrient poor wet grasslands and heathlands in central European mountains. While a lot is known about distribution and biology of violet copper and ocellate bog..

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dwergzwijn kader

The pygmy hog is the world's smallest and most threatened pig species. It occurs in only a small area in India, hidden between tall grasses. A breeding programme, as well as scientific research conducted, provide insights into how..

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Future of Butterflies - primair

On April 8-9, Dutch Butterfly Conservation organised its fifth symposium Future of Butterflies in Europe. Due to circumstances it was an online symposium, but this also allowed participants from more countries than ever to join:..

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During the week of April 11, members from the NFSXM, the DCNA, the SCF, and Beneath the Waves conduct shark research in the territorial waters of Sint Maarten. The goal of the week-long project is to gather data on sharks in Sint..

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bosparelmoervlinder - primair

Airborne laser scanning creates high-resolution 3D images of the landscape. Researchers from the University of Amsterdam and the Dutch Butterfly Conservation used these data to study the habitat preferences of butterflies. They..

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ontmoeting mantarog lead

DCNA is partnering with the Caribbean Islands Manta Conservation Program, an affiliate project of the Manta Trust, and to track local manta rays and devil rays within the Dutch Caribbean. When citizen scientists..

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