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The stunning and unique nature of the six Dutch Caribbean islands will take center stage in the cinema film WOW! Caribbean Nature Uncovered. This project brings together various partners, including WWF-Netherlands and the Dutch..

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Dr. Jamie Craggs of the Coral Spawning Lab.

During the DCNA Reef Restoration Workshop, Dr. Jamie Craggs presented an overview of reproduction in corals, focusing on the methods and benefits of inducing coral spawning in closed system aquariums on land. His presentation..

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Nachtvlinders als klein avondrood kunnen belangrijke bestuivers van bloemplanten zijn.

Rewilding as a strategy for nature conservation is gaining popularity. The promotion of natural processes is key. The resulting biodiversity is often limited to large mammals and birds, invertebrates are rarely taken into..

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Monsters nemen uit het ijs

Scientists from the University of Amsterdam and University of Groningen are going to investigate micro-algae in the sea around Antarctica and their role in global cycles of carbon and sulphur. These algae form the basis of the..

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Zwerm spreeuwen

Young, naïve starlings are looking for their wintering grounds independently of experienced conspecifics. By revisiting a classic ‘displacement’ experiment and by adding new data, a team of researchers at the Netherlands Institute..

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Hand op mos

Nature is under severe pressure worldwide and recent studies project a continued loss. Despite the strong dependence and impact of our society on the many services that nature provides, the worldwide economic impact is largely..

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Korstmossen op een wegeik

The heat gradient in urban areas has affected the biodiversity of plants and animals. Yet, how it affects the hidden urban biodiversity, such as bacteria in soil and lichens, is still virtually unknown. This new study shows that..

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Coral fragmentations

This week, the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance hosted a reef restoration workshop on Bonaire, bringing together over twenty experts in coral reef restoration. The event featured both in-person and virtual presentations, attracting..

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The University of Aruba and Utrecht University recently published their 2024 collection of research papers addressing challenges faced in Aruba. One hot topic this year was presented by Shanisse Franken, concerns how urbanization..

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Smooth Star Coral spawning. Koraal Solenastrea bournoni, voortplanting

The Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) is excited to announce the upcoming Reef Restoration Workshop, happening from June 17 to 19, at its office on Bonaire. This event will unite stakeholders, experts, and practitioners from..

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