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Plastic afval in de zee

A fungus living in the sea can break down the plastic polyethylene, provided it has first been exposed to UV radiation from sunlight. Researchers from, among others, NIOZ published their results in the scientific journal Science..

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Caribische rifhaai (eenmalig exclusief WMR)

Marine protected areas (MPAs), which legally protect important marine and coastal ecosystems, often have more reef sharks than non-protected areas. A new study in Nature Ecology and Evolution finds that conservation benefits..

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Bleached coral.

The world is currently experiencing a widespread coral bleaching event, the second global bleaching event of the decade, which experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and International Coral Reef..

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'Dust clouds' at the bottom of the deep sea, that will be created by deep-sea mining activities, descend at a short distance for the biggest part. That is shown by PhD research of NIOZ marine geologist Sabine Haalboom, on the..

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Sabal antillensis Curacao Seru Bientu.

Recent genetic studies on the Dutch Caribbean native palm species, specifically Sabal antillensis in Curaçao and Sabal lougheediana in Bonaire, have provided crucial insights that confirm these two species are endemic for their..

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To preserve the important intertidal areas and salt marshes off our coasts for the future, we need more turbid water. That is one of the striking conclusions from a new study conducted by a Dutch-Chinese team of researchers and..

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On Arpil 22nd, the independent nature conservation organization formerly known as Fundacion Parke Nacional Aruba (FPNA) used the occasion of global Earth Day to reveal its transformation to the Aruba Conservation Foundation..

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Saba land meets water

The Saba Bank National Park was recently the focus of an innovative habitat mapping study. Mapping habitat types is key for environmental management, conservation and research efforts, as well as understanding long-term changes...

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The Dutch landscape is losing plant species that rely on pollination by insects, while plants pollinated by wind are proportionally increasing. Leiden environmental scientist Kaixuan Pan demonstrates this after analysing 87 years..

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Climate change has an effect on forests and trees. They suffer from heatwaves and periods of drought. Although we see tree mortality increase as a result, much is still unknown about the underlying mechanisms. ..

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