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Deep sea life underground

A new ecosystem has been discovered in volcanic caves beneath hydrothermal vents at a well-studied undersea volcano at 2.500 metres below sea level. Using an underwater robot, scientists overturned chunks of volcanic crust,..

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French angel fish.

The Caribbean Netherlands’ Nature and Environmental Policy Plan 2020-2030 is an integrated plan to safeguard and enhance the natural environment over the next decade. ..

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Parende motten

Male moths get part of the chemicals that they use during courtship from plants. This was discovered by researchers from the University of Amsterdam and North Carolina State University. At the beginning of August they published..

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Hawksbill turtle.

In their 2019 paper, Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB) used sea turtle data collected between 2003 and 2018 to estimate abundance and predict future population trends for green and hawksbill turtles on Bonaire’s west coast...

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Krista van den Heuvel bij de nestkasten van het NIOO

How important is cognitive flexibility – adjusting learned behaviour to fit new circumstances – for great tits' ability to adapt to a changing environment? Krista van den Heuvel did her PhD research at NIOO on this question. A..

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Grijze zeehonden in de Waddenzee

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many countries implemented social distancing measures, which significantly reduced transmission rates of the virus. A study now reveals that seals in the Waddensea also keep their distance, possibly..

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Amazon canopy

In certain areas in the Amazon, forests that were altered by humans during the past several hundred years may contain higher abundances of plant species that are more resilient to modern fire or drought events. ..

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Drieteenstrandloper broedend in Groenland

Sanderlings are having an increasingly difficult time on their breeding grounds in Greenland. This is not always because climate change is causing spring to start earlier and earlier there – as is often assumed – but rather..

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Fish species found using FARMS.

A collaborative study, led by the University of Texas at Austin, deployed 102 specialized fish monitoring structures across six locations, including the deep reefs of Curacao.  The goal of this study was to identify a standardized..

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A new study led by Wageningen University and Research investigates the swimming and settlement behavior of coral and oyster larvae. Understanding what factors facilitate larvae settlement will guide future conservation efforts to..

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