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Tulipa sylvestris, ook wel bekend als de wilde tulp

The Netherlands is known for its beautiful and colourful tulips. Though most tulips originate from the Ottoman empire, Tulipa sylvestris, the wild tulip, followed a different path. Anastasia Stefanaki and Tinde van Andel, both..

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The skull and skin of a fishing cat have been in the collections of Naturalis for two hundred years, but only recently did they receive attention. What researchers found can inform us about the history of Singapore – natural and..

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Coral reef restoration methods are showing promising results in supporting regional efforts for restoring degraded coral reefs in the Dutch Caribbean. Therefore, the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) organizes a Long-spined..

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Verschillende soorten mossen en algen hechten zich aan straattegels, bakstenen en beton.

Which 'hidden' organisms live in the city? How can we use these organisms to help trees grow better, make concrete more plant-friendly and measure heat stress? Will city dwellers act more environmentally conscious if they let..

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Boomtoppen Caxiuanã-woud, Brazilië

Stem growth of tropical trees is reduced in years when the dry season is warmer and drier than normal. This is the main finding of a global tree ring study published in Nature Geoscience led by Wageningen University & Research. ..

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De tropische landslak Helicina fasciata

Over the course of three visits in 2015, 2020 and 2021 on Sint Maarten land and freshwater mollusks were surveyed. Snails are important for a healthy soil and are an important food source for many species. Alarmingly, it has..

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Witte klaver in de stad van Hiroshima in Japan bij de atoombom koepel.

A global biological study has provided the most direct evidence to date that humans, and specifically cities, are the drivers of evolutionary change on earth. Leiden University, the municipality of Leiden and Naturalis..

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Halsbandarassari (Pteroglossus torquatus), een vogel uit de toekanfamilie, eet een rijpe palmvrucht in Belize

In areas of the globe where fruit-eating birds have wider beaks, palm trees bear larger fruits, a new study shows. This provides new insights into tropical biodiversity and clues for solving species conservation, forest..

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Soil provides a variety of services that are indispensable to life on Earth. The global decline in soil quality is therefore a major concern. One solution may lie in the hands of tiny organisms that can direct ecosystem recovery:..

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orchids traded for salep

Orchids are legally protected, but these plants are still widely traded illegally. A new online search engine from Naturalis shows how and where wild terrestrial orchids and their products are sold around the world. Online trading..

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