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aanplant bos op grasland bremvlinder

Danube clouded yellow is rare in Europe. The butterfly depends on extensively used grassland and disappears by intensification, but also by abandonment. New threat poses large-scale planting of conifers. By working with residents..

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Van links naar rechts: De Aziatische epifytische orchideesoorten Pholidota fimbriata, Coelogyne fimbriata, Coelogyne fuscescens en Coelogyne cristata, die worden gebruikt vanwege hun geneeskrachtige werking

Increasing antibiotic resistance of microbes is a global challenge. Medicinal plant extracts are a promising alternative for treating microbial infections. Orchids are well known for their flowers, but they are also used in..

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Turkse rivierkreeft - Pontastacus leptodactylus

Researchers from Naturalis and the University of Amsterdam have recorded the characteristics of the various species of crayfish found in the Netherlands. Based on their analysis, they expect that the marbled crayfish could become..

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DCNA, through the support of WWF-NL, will be investigating the lifecycle and abundance of large migratory sharks in the North Eastern Caribbean. As a result of two recent incidents there are speculations that the number of sharks..

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Young green turtles’ behaviour is influenced by tourists feeding the animals. This was discovered by researchers of Wageningen University & Research through the use of TurtleCams: cameras mounted on the shells of green turtles in..

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The parachute plant Ceropegia sandersonii has an organ called a corona, which works as a 'fly filter'. Incoming flies are only released in exchange for pollination...

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Alarmingly high levels of twelve heavy metals, including mercury, have been found in the muscle tissues of large reef sharks and tiger sharks in The Bahamas. These new findings, published earlier this year in Scientific Reports,..

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Mid-December last year, a beetle catalogue of the Dutch Antilles was published in the journal 'Tijdschrift voor Entomologie'. The voluminous paper, comprising 120 pages, provides the first critical review of the beetle species..

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Medewerkers op de kwekerij

It is dryer than usual in the Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado savanna. The wet season started two weeks later than expected, and since then it has been raining irregularly. This has an impact on reforestation projects, that are..

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Nepenthes are iconic carnivorous plants from Southeast Asia. With little uncovered about the developmental progression of their insect alluring traps, and a new tool morphing onto the scene of agriculture and industry, here,..

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