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Bananaquit - bijgesneden voor lead

In the Dutch Caribbean, all six islands have started the spring data collection of their five-year bird monitoring project. The goal is to monitor and assess local breeding land bird populations. Last year’s first edition gave..

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Gekweekte karkó in de omheining

The queen conch research called, 'Conquer the Future', has started in Bonaire. Thanks to joint efforts, young farmed conches were shipped by boat from Curaçao to Bonaire. These snails are released into the sea in Sorobon with the..

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Landbouwveldje aan de rand van Kisumu, Kenia

Setting up sustainable farming systems requires policymakers and farmers to start weighing factors at different spatial scales. Alternative agricultural policies still place too much emphasis on production and too little on..

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Work in progress.

An offshore oil spill originating off the coast of Tobago has made its unwelcome arrival on the shores of the Dutch Caribbean. Despite oil reaching Bonaire’s and Curaçao’s coast, the islands seem, fortunately, to have escaped a..

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Hung-An Tian conducting filtration of particulate organic carbon/nitrogen  in temperature control container onboard RV Araon

Iron that fertilizes the waters around Antarctica mostly comes from the deep, upwelling waters and the sediments there. That is shown by field research of NIOZ marine biogeochemist Hung-An Tian in the Amundsen Sea and the Weddell..

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A collaborative effort between Maynooth University, University of Portsmouth and Wageningen University & Research explored the use of satellite technology to offer a cost-effective solution for accurate mangrove mapping within..

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Anthophora romandii, one of the over 2000 wild bee species in Europe, known from Portugal, Spain and the Balearic Islands is missing publicly available ecological data related to its long-term population trends, its size, feeding habits and plant interactions and has no available genetic sequence data. Anthophora romandii female (Hym. Apidae), 24.ii.2022, Andalucia, Spain.

Data gaps make it challenging to understand ecology, distribution, and conservation needs of wild bees in Europe. BeeFall compiles ecological data to map distribution, variation, trends, and interactions. It allows citizen..

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Tjisse van der Heide

Professor of coastal ecology and NIOZ scientist Tjisse van der Heide receives a prestigious Vici grant for his research on coastal ecosystem restoration. NWO announced today that Van der Heide will receive a grant of one and a..

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Olie op de stranden van Bonaire

It was Monday afternoon when we received the news that oil spills had reached the east coast of Bonaire. The first thing that comes to mind is the extent of the damage to the environment and the animals. How can WWF-NL assist the..

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Red Knot (Calidris canutus islandica) in the breeding grounds.

Climate change may speed up the emergence of insects in northern countries at the end of winter. This may cause breeding birds, migrating from the south, to come too late to benefit from the insect peak if they do not adjust their..

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