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Giant barrel sponge (Xestospongia mute)

Sint Eustatius’ once-thriving coral reefs are now mere survivors, facing a decline from 25 percent hard coral cover in 1999 to less than 2.5 percent in 2021. This alarming trend has prompted an urgent initiative: a seven-year..

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Taking water samples from the erosion experiment in the Oosterschelde. In the photo Alena di Primio and Dunia Rios-Yunes.

If storms become stronger in the future due to climate change, more nitrogen may be released from the bottom of coastal seas. This is shown by research of marine biogeochemist Dunia Rios-Yunes at The Netherlands Institute for Sea..

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Spuisluisje bij Zwarte Haan

Particularly in spring, less and less fresh water flows from Dutch and German rivers into the Wadden Sea. This affects the life of algae and, therefore, fish and birds on the mudflats as well. ..

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Tropical rainforests hold a wealth of biodiversity, but are globally approaching a critical point. The drastic decline is happening faster than expected, concludes an international research team. The team includes biologist Hans..

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De karkó schelp (Aliger gigas) lead

From April to December 2023, one hundred farmed young Queen Conchs were released into the sea of Curaçao with the aim of strengthening the natural population of those conchs. In the pilot project ‘Conquer the Future’, marine..

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Video still of a cold-water coral reefs taken

Corals searching for food in the cold and dark waters of the deep sea are building higher and higher mountains to get closer to the source of their food. But in doing so, they may find themselves trapped when the climate changes...

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Milou Arts diving on the less degraded reef on the neighbouring atoll Tikehau, French Polynesia

Coral that is exposed to higher temperatures, releases more and different organic matter into the seawater. In doing so, the coral feeds unwanted bacteria as well. This is shown by research of marine biologist Milou Arts of NIOZ...

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E crispata blue

A recent study conducted by the University of Groningen investigated how three species of solar-powered sea slugs exhibit unique photoprotection strategies against excessive light. The study revealed connections between light..

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Installatie drijvend kweeksysteem

What started as an experiment in the Oceanium in Diergaarde Blijdorp in Rotterdam, grew into RoffaReefs on Bonaire. An organization committed to saving corals through fish farming. As a partner from the very beginning, Diergaarde..

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Setting up a large-scale field experiment in de Oosterschelde/ Opzetten van een grootschalig veldexperiment in de Oosterschelde

The restoration of mussel beds in the Wadden Sea or the Delta is a lot more successful when young mussels are helped a little with low, protective fences on the bottom. That is shown by research conducted by marine biologist..

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