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Nitrogen deposition is the most influential global driver of anthropogenic biodiversity decline besides habitat destruction and the emission of greenhouse gases. Recent insights on its threats to biodiversity and ways to recovery..

Continue reading 15 August 2017   3 jaar oud
Northwest coast of Jan Mayen. Noordwestkust van Jan Mayen

From 31 May to 7 June, Wageningen Economic Research investigated the litter that had washed up on remote beaches in the Arctic. The most commonly found items were pieces of plastic, fishing nets and rope...

Continue reading 17 June 2017   3 jaar oud
Lodestone Reef in Great Barrier Reef, Chromis viridis on coral

The future of the world’s coral reefs hangs in the balance, but it is not too late to save them, according to a major study published in the prestigious journal, Nature...

Continue reading 02 June 2017   3 jaar oud
Twitterende boom Wageningen UR @TreeWatchWUR

If only trees could talk… Well they can now. A thirty-something-year-old poplar tree on the campus of Wageningen University & Research is currently tweeting about how it deals with hot, dry days without enough water, and the..

Continue reading 31 May 2017   3 jaar oud


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