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Red-bellied Racer on Saba

The red-bellied racer is a harmless snake species found only on the islands of Saba and St. Eustatius, which represent just 11 percent of the species’ original range.  Little is known about the racer, which makes it an important..

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New research from Wageningen University, University of Amsterdam and Florida International University highlighted the role herbivorous fish species play in staving off non-native seagrass invasions. A healthy and diverse fish..

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Sabine Engel and Jessica Johnson presenting at the mangrove restoration workshop

Between October 25th and 28th, Bonaire’s Mangrove Maniacs hosted their first Mangrove Restoration Workshop for the Dutch Caribbean. The goal was to provide a platform for researchers, conservationists, park authorities and anyone..

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Increased rain runoff due to a changing climate has been impacting the coral reefs of the Dutch Caribbean, including  the coral reefs of Bonaire.

The Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) expressed its concern to the Dutch Government about the lack of attention to the impacts of climate change in the Caribbean Netherlands. The Dutch Caribbean islands expect to face very..

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Elkhorn coral (Acropora palmata)

Researchers have crossbred elkhorn coral individuals from Florida and Puerto Rico with those of Curaçao using cryopreserved reproductive cells of elkhorn corals. It is an important first step towards creating more heat tolerant..

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Coralita (Antigonon leptopus)

Coralita is an invasive plant species, that rapidly spreads across St. Eustatius. A recently published report highlighted the ability to use satellite imagery to systematically map Coralita’s distribution over the island. The..

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Coral Reef

Researchers from the University of Amsterdam and CARMABI Foundation implemented 3D reef surveying techniques to improve representation of species found within hidden cavities previously overlooked by 2D methods. Twelve sites along..

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Sint Maarten

A new vegetation map produced by CARMABI and Wageningen University & Research shows a 25 percent decrease in overall vegetation cover of the Dutch side of St. Maarten since 1956. Results show that this loss can be attributed to..

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Minke Whale

A new collaborative study provides new insight into how two minke whale species utilise the Caribbean and neighboring Atlantic waters throughout their life cycle. The findings add further conservation value and significance to the..

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Salt Pier Bonaire

University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Larenstein and Wageningen University and Research recently conducted a comparative study of artificial reefs within the Caribbean. This study provides new insights into the impacts of these..

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