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Saba land meets water

The Saba Bank National Park was recently the focus of an innovative habitat mapping study. Mapping habitat types is key for environmental management, conservation and research efforts, as well as understanding long-term changes...

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The Dutch landscape is losing plant species that rely on pollination by insects, while plants pollinated by wind are proportionally increasing. Leiden environmental scientist Kaixuan Pan demonstrates this after analysing 87 years..

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Climate change has an effect on forests and trees. They suffer from heatwaves and periods of drought. Although we see tree mortality increase as a result, much is still unknown about the underlying mechanisms. ..

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Aruban whiptail lizard (Cnemidophorus arubensis).

Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao are home to unique ecosystems that include several species of lizards not found anywhere else in the world. Among these are three endemic species: the Aruba Whiptail, the Bonaire Whiptail, and the..

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Fish and invertebrate animals are far more affected by warmer and more acidic seawater than previously known. This is the conclusion of a study co-led by NIOZ marine biologist Katharina Alter, based on a new analysis method and..

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Morphotypes of Tubastraea on the platform's submerged sections, March 2017.

Coral ecosystems are susceptible to invasive species, that can wreak havoc on the balanced communities. Such species can be transported unintentionally by marine structures, as is demonstrated by research on a platform which was..

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Strand Terschelling

Visiting the beach and enjoying the sun and the sea. For many of us, this is an important way to relax in warm weather. However, Dutch beaches are becoming increasingly crowded. This means that it is not only difficult to find a..

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Unomia invasion Venezuela.

Recent reports highlight the concerning spread of the invasive soft coral Unomia stolonifera, currently devastating Venezuela’s marine ecosystems and detected in Cuba. With the potential threat of its expansion to the (Dutch)..

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Over the past forty years, the Atlantic Ocean has experienced a tropicalization, with an increase of warmer-water species. The Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea, where warming has been more rapid, have seen a marked decline in..

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As more and more nutrients from land and air enter the world’s oceans, the dead zones without oxygen in the water will increase in size and intensity. That is the warning that PhD student Zoë van Kemenade, an organic geochemist at..

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