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De Vlinderstichting (Dutch Butterfly Conservation) and CBS (Statistics Netherlands) coordinate the monitoring schemes for butterflies and dragonflies in the Netherlands and just released their report for 2017, including some clear..

Continue reading 03 April 2018   1 jaar oud

In agricultural production, a globally growing area is cultivated with insect resistant, genetically modified (GM) crops, such as Bt-maize. In the Netherlands Bt-crops are not allowed. But with increasing pressure from society to..

Continue reading 08 March 2018   1 jaar oud

Nitrogen deposition is the most influential global driver of anthropogenic biodiversity decline besides habitat destruction and the emission of greenhouse gases. Recent insights on its threats to biodiversity and ways to recovery..

Continue reading 15 August 2017   2 jaar oud

In 2016, the fourth symposium ‘Future of Butterflies in Europe’ was held in Wageningen. Now a selection of papers from that meeting is published in the Journal of Insect Conservation. ..

Continue reading 11 July 2017   2 jaar oud


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