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Climate change has an effect on forests and trees. They suffer from heatwaves and periods of drought. Although we see tree mortality increase as a result, much is still unknown about the underlying mechanisms. ..

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Strand Terschelling

Visiting the beach and enjoying the sun and the sea. For many of us, this is an important way to relax in warm weather. However, Dutch beaches are becoming increasingly crowded. This means that it is not only difficult to find a..

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Landbouwveldje aan de rand van Kisumu, Kenia

Setting up sustainable farming systems requires policymakers and farmers to start weighing factors at different spatial scales. Alternative agricultural policies still place too much emphasis on production and too little on..

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Lentevliegende zwarte sachembij op voederwikke

Since 2018, researchers from Wageningen University & Research have been measuring bees and flowers across the Geuldal area of South Limburg to understand how to improve habitat for bees. A recent study shows that across five years..

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Snowy-headed Robin Chat

In a revelatory exploration of biodiversity, a recent study has exposed the universal principles governing the dominance and rarity of species across ecosystems. The researchers unveil that a mere few percent of all species wield..

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Sabal antillensis Christoffelberg.

Scientists from CARMABI and Wageningen University and Research made a groundbreaking discovery this week: a previously unknown population of the Curaçao Kabana palm on the eastern slope of the Christoffelberg. These palms are..

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Bosgebied in Roemenië

The European Parliament will take a final vote on the Nature Restoration Law early in 2024. This hotly debated regulation aims to halt and reverse the loss of biodiversity in Europe. An international team of scientists with..

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West-Indische Boomvaren Cyathea arborea na 138 jaar herontdekt op de steile binnenhelling van de Quill.

For 138 years, the steep slopes of the Quill volcano in Statia concealed a forgotten tree fern. Since 1885, the West Indian Tree Fern had not been recorded on the island. But during a vegetation survey, researchers found no less..

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Plastic afval

Plastic pollution is a global problem and Dutch rivers are no exception. Anyone who has ever walked along their banks will know the sight of bottles, caps and food packaging. But some of that litter may originate from elsewhere...

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Mangroves in Spaans Lagoen (Aruba). Beeld in overleg te gebruiken, contact

Aruba has seen a major increase of its wetland areas protected under the Ramsar Convention. On 10 November 2023 the Aruban Minister of Nature announced the official designation of four new Ramsar sites. With also the extension of..

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