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Tropical mammals living inside protected areas are affected by human activity, even when this activity occurs outside of the protected range. That is the conclusion of a new, international study across 16 tropical forests. ..

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Recently, 'Turning the Tide' started, a large nature restoration project for the mangrove forests and coral reefs in Aruba. It is a collaboration between Wageningen University & Research and the Aruban partners NGO Fundacion Parke..

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Sick Diadema antillarum

Long-spined sea urchins help maintain healthy coral reefs by grazing on algae. In 2022, there was a die-off of long-spined sea urchins in the Caribbean. A team of researchers has recently uncovered that a ciliary animal – a..

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Stapel gekapt hout (beeld in overleg te gebruiken, contact

The chemical composition of tropical timber, for example, used for bridges or in window frames, reveals where the trees were growing. This can help to trace timber origin and to reduce illegal trade. This is the main finding of..

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Black mangroves.

Mangroves create new land by slowly packing sediment within their roots, but too much sediment can lead to dieback. Researchers from Wageningen University and Research analyzed the potential erosion rates in the catchment area of..

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What are the negative consequences for birds of prey now that the number of wind turbines in the Netherlands is only increasing? And how can we prevent them? ..

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Zeegras, Bahama's

Seagrass: green leaves swaying in the currents. Fish weave their way through, and sea turtles graze. They’re always on their guard, watching out for any encroaching sharks. The seagrass’ roots are hidden in the seabed, where they..

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Onderzoek naar leefgebied inheemse kwal in Caribisch gebied

Researchers from Wageningen University & Research and the University of Amsterdam report on a fascinating case of competition between an animal and an invasive pIant. In tropical ecosystems, photosynthesizing organisms are..

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Lac Bay, Bonaire

A study by Wageningen University and Research set up a series of design sessions, workshops and interviews to describe a vision for Bonaire in 2050. In this ‘nature inclusive vision’, measures to combat challenges for people in..

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Grazende zeeschildpad bij een voor onderzoek geplaatste kooi

Many sea turtles live their adult lives in predator-free environments due to overfishing of their main predator, the tiger shark. Because of this, it is largely unknown how sharks impact turtle grazing behaviour. Wageningen..

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