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Syrian hamster, goudhamster

The ground squirrel and the Syrian hamster, two rodents that hibernate in the winter, do not feel cold in the same way as non-hibernators, such as rats or mice. Yale researchers have discovered that hibernating rodents evolved..

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crested pigeon

Many animals will sound an alarm to alert other members of their group of impending danger. Now, researchers have shown that crested pigeons do this in a surprisingly non-vocal way. One of their main flight feathers produces a..

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Researchers studying turtle-headed seasnakes living on coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific noticed something unusual about the snakes' color patterns: seasnakes living in more pristine parts of the reef were decorated with..

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Northern elephant seal

Every day, humans pick up slow drawls, high-pitched squeaks, or hints of accents to put names to voices from afar. This ability may not be as unique as once thought, researchers report. They find that unlike all other non-human..

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