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Nature is under severe pressure worldwide and recent studies project a continued loss. Despite the strong dependence and impact of our society on the many services that nature provides, the worldwide economic impact is largely..

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Foto van de grote kleine vis, licht beschadigd. Relatief kleine individuen raken beschadigd tussen de grote hoeveelheden veel grotere vissen.

It is five centimetres long, but larger than all its relatives: Microichthys grandis, literally 'big little fish'. Researchers from the Natural History Museum Stuttgart (SMNS) and Wageningen Marine Research (WMR) discovered this..

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Hemidactylus frenatus. Tjitjak

In 2022, two new non-native reptile species were found on Sint Eustatius: underwood’s spectacled tegu and the common house gecko. Both species probably established themselves on the island recently. The number of non-native..

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Tulipa sylvestris, ook wel bekend als de wilde tulp

The Netherlands is known for its beautiful and colourful tulips. Though most tulips originate from the Ottoman empire, Tulipa sylvestris, the wild tulip, followed a different path. Anastasia Stefanaki and Tinde van Andel, both..

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Pasture and young secondary forest Brazil - Anhembi

Tropical forests are converted at an alarming rate through deforestation. A new study, published in Science, shows that regrowing tropical forests recover surprisingly fast on abandoned land. ..

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New research from Wageningen University, University of Amsterdam and Florida International University highlighted the role herbivorous fish species play in staving off non-native seagrass invasions. A healthy and diverse fish..

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leadfoto van moseiken campus Wageningen University

Autumn colours are now gradually appearing in nature. Years of time-lapse videos from the GrowApp show that leaf colouring starts relatively late this year in The Netherlands. Cause: the warm September and the absence of night..

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De wolvin bezocht met name de provincies Drenthe, Overijssel en Gelderland

Wolves have returned to the Netherlands. Over the past few years, the animals have started passing through the Netherlands, with a number of them deciding to settle here. “It’s a unique situation,” says researcher Hugh Jansman...

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Park, bomen

Green spaces are important to our mental health. With urbanisation on the rise, people living in cities have less access to green areas. At the same time, the number of Europeans with mental health issues has increased by sixteen..

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dwergzwijn kader

The pygmy hog is the world's smallest and most threatened pig species. It occurs in only a small area in India, hidden between tall grasses. A breeding programme, as well as scientific research conducted, provide insights into how..

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