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dwergzwijn kader

The pygmy hog is the world's smallest and most threatened pig species. It occurs in only a small area in India, hidden between tall grasses. A breeding programme, as well as scientific research conducted, provide insights into how..

Continue reading 29 April 2021   1 week oud

Young green turtles’ behaviour is influenced by tourists feeding the animals. This was discovered by researchers of Wageningen University & Research through the use of TurtleCams: cameras mounted on the shells of green turtles in..

Continue reading 03 February 2021   3 mnd oud
Lined seedeater

An aggressive wasp has attacked a baby bird in its nest and then ate its head. This special attack was captured on camera during a study by Wageningen University & Research in Brazil. The images show that the attack took more than..

Continue reading 13 October 2020   6 mnd oud
Muggen gevangen in Rwanda

A year-long collection of mosquitoes with self-made traps and over a hundred volunteers in rural Rwanda reporting mosquito nuisance revealed when and where malaria risks were the highest. In addition to their reporting, the..

Continue reading 09 September 2020   8 mnd oud
Parietaria judaica Klein glaskruid Saxifraga-Ed Stikvoort

Climate change affects our health. The consequences that climate change can have on our health, for instance heat stress, allergies, diseases, air quality and UV-radiation, have hitherto never been documented this extensively: as..

Continue reading 03 July 2019   1 jaar oud
Sterke neodymiummagneet aan de kraag van een koe

The first experimental study on magnetic alignment in cattle by researchers from Wageningen University does not reveal a South-North orientation in these large mammals when at rest. Strong neodymium magnets attached to their..

Continue reading 27 May 2018   2 jaar oud
Honeybee, honingbij

Approximately the same numbers of honeybees survived the winter in the Netherlands as last year. This year around 84% of the honeybees came through the cold season, a similar amount to the 86% last year...

Continue reading 08 May 2018   3 jaar oud
Restanten van een nederzetting uit de IJzertijd te Mez-Notariou op het eiland Ouessant, voor de westkust van Bretagne

An intensification of land use during the Iron Age and Early Roman period (600 BC – AD 100) in Brittany (France) led to a significant increase in the number of plant species. This demonstrates that, contrary to what one might..

Continue reading 25 December 2017   3 jaar oud
Berk in Bennekom in 4 seizoenen 2017

With the use of the GrowApp the seasonal change of a birch tree in Bennekom, the Netherlands, was captured by making a time-lapse video. Based on the individual photos, the change of the tree’s greenness over time was determined...

Continue reading 10 December 2017   3 jaar oud

The pressure of increasing population growth in deltas is causing more and more interference with the natural processes. Despite global concerns about river delta degradation, human activity in the world's largest deltas still..

Continue reading 14 August 2017   3 jaar oud


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