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Coralita is an ornamental plant that was introduced to several Caribbean islands and has quickly found its way to the top of the invasive species lists for the Dutch Caribbean. Its fast-growing vines smother and outcompete native..

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Black mangroves.

Mangroves create new land by slowly packing sediment within their roots, but too much sediment can lead to dieback. Researchers from Wageningen University and Research analyzed the potential erosion rates in the catchment area of..

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Boa constrictor

More than 210 invasive alien species have been documented wild in the in the Dutch Caribbean. These species can have major ecological effects by decimating native flora or fauna. They can also cause large economic losses and..

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Have you ever wondered what kind of species you see around you? A beautiful lizard, flower, or sea turtle? You can now easily check by taking a photo with your smartphone and uploading it on to the ObsIdentify app for..

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Least Gecko (Sphaerodactylus sputator)

This week, the Least Gecko was recorded on Saba for the first time in sixty years. Identified by researchers from the University of California Davis and the California Academy of Sciences, these sightings serve as the first..

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Queen conch.

The Caribbean Netherlands Science Institute, partnering with the Queen Conch Lab at the Florida Atlantic University is exploring the impacts of shifting seagrass species composition on local conch populations. Queen conch depends..

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red billed tropicbird, roodsnavelkeerkringvogel

Red-billed Tropicbirds were once thought to be rare visitors to the Southern Caribbean, however, there has been an increase in sightings in recent years. A new study published in the Journal of Caribbean Ornithology with authors..

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Lac Bay, Bonaire

A study by Wageningen University and Research set up a series of design sessions, workshops and interviews to describe a vision for Bonaire in 2050. In this ‘nature inclusive vision’, measures to combat challenges for people in..

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In 2022, sixth joint scientific expeditions of the Ti Whale An Nou program took place. Ti Whale An Nou means 'Our own little whales'in a mix of English and French Caribbean Creole. The research program studies the diversity,..

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CACTUS-database website presentatie

Since 2018, Wageningen University & Research and Carmabi cooperate in bringing together historical and recent data on vegetation composition and plant species distribution on the six Dutch Caribbean islands. The collected data in..

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