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Assisted Natural Recovery

Researchers from Van Hall Larenstein, Wageningen University and Wageningen Marine Research have developed a new approach to assist Diadema sea urchins’ natural recovery. In collaboration with the Saba Conservation Foundation, they..

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Cone Snails

Researchers from the Florida Atlantic University and University of California recently discovered a new species of cone snail off the coast of Aruba. Inhabiting the shallow waters of Malmok Beach, this species represents only one..

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Tropical Storm

Caribbean islands are at the forefront of the climate crisis, with effects already starting to become noticeable in the region. This year, DCNA launched a Climate action plan for the Dutch Caribbean. This plan provides concrete..

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Sick and dying sea urchins

Since February 2022 there have been reports of long-spined sea urchin die off from a number of islands in the Caribbean, including St. Eustatius, St. Maarten, Saba and Curaçao. It is feared there will be a massive die-off event of..

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Red mangrove propagules

Since 2020, the Mangrove Maniacs have planted over 1500 mangroves along the southwest coast of Bonaire. A new collaborative project with Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences monitored and mapped these newly planted..

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Hawksbill sea turtle.

Each year, hawksbill and green turtles, and sometimes even leatherback turtles, come to the beaches of St. Eustatius to lay their eggs. New protocols, developed by two research students from Van Hall Larenstein University of..

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Sargassum influx

A joint experiment between WWF-Mexico and STINAPA Bonaire found that vegetables grown in soil enriched with sargassum had higher levels of arsenic and cadmium, heavy metals that can be toxic to humans and animals. Researchers warn..

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School of ocean surgeonfish

A new study by researchers from the University of Texas and California Polytechnic State University documented herbivorous fishes feeding on fish fecal pellets off the coast of Bonaire. This has never been recorded in the..

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Last week, the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance hosted a sea urchin restoration workshop on Saba. This workshop helped 21 coral experts from the Caribbean region and more than 65 online attendants, to obtain a comprehensive view of..

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Coral reef restoration methods are showing promising results in supporting regional efforts for restoring degraded coral reefs in the Dutch Caribbean. Therefore, the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) organizes a Long-spined..

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