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The Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance just hosted the Big Live Nature Quiz for young people aged 12-14, living on Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Maarten, and Sint Eustatius. With 134 participating teams from across the six..

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Research conducted by the Saba Bank Management Unit and Wageningen University and Research documented the third incidence of rapid lionfish population decline within the Western Atlantic since their introduction over thirty years..

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Worldwide, coral reefs are in danger of disappearing. Several solutions are needed to keep coral reefs healthy. It is interesting to explore the role that fish can play in maintaining or improving the ecosystem. Reef fish are..

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In 2018 , Naturalis Biodiversity Center conducted the first mosquito survey for the Dutch Leeward Islands – Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius and Saba – in more than 70 years. In November, they plan to repeat these surveys, this time..

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Marine mammals in the Caribbean: a threatened treasure in our waters Over the last two years, the Caribbean Cetacean Society (CCS) has been studying cetaceans (whales and dolphins) in the Lesser Antilles with the support of the..

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Last May, the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA)‘s research intern Nina Zander requested citizens on Bonaire to complete a questionnaire. This questionnaire was part of her research into how resilient Bonairian households are..

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Shark tagging

Within the Caribbean, protection for sharks and ray varies from island to island. In an effort to build a more unified network for shark and ray conservation, the Caribbean Shark Coalition (CSC) met for the first time in..

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Turtle passing by the research set-up at Double Wreck.

A new study from the Caribbean Netherlands Science Institute and Utrecht University investigated the sediment stabilizing ability of non-native seagrass species - Halophila stipulacea - found off the coast of St. Eustatius. This..

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Mangrove channel

The mangrove forest of Lac Bay, Bonaire, is experiencing a die-off of trees in its northern area. Increasing the tidal exchange by creek restoration likely enlarges the living conditions of the mangrove trees. A collaboration..

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DCNA has been actively promoting a nature focused agenda both within The Netherlands and internationally. Whether it’s championing the Yarari Marine Mammal and Shark Sanctuary, establishing new partnerships or pushing for a..

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