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Morphotypes of Tubastraea on the platform's submerged sections, March 2017.

Coral ecosystems are susceptible to invasive species, that can wreak havoc on the balanced communities. Such species can be transported unintentionally by marine structures, as is demonstrated by research on a platform which was..

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Unomia invasion Venezuela.

Recent reports highlight the concerning spread of the invasive soft coral Unomia stolonifera, currently devastating Venezuela’s marine ecosystems and detected in Cuba. With the potential threat of its expansion to the (Dutch)..

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Bananaquit - bijgesneden voor lead

In the Dutch Caribbean, all six islands have started the spring data collection of their five-year bird monitoring project. The goal is to monitor and assess local breeding land bird populations. Last year’s first edition gave..

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Work in progress.

An offshore oil spill originating off the coast of Tobago has made its unwelcome arrival on the shores of the Dutch Caribbean. Despite oil reaching Bonaire’s and Curaçao’s coast, the islands seem, fortunately, to have escaped a..

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A collaborative effort between Maynooth University, University of Portsmouth and Wageningen University & Research explored the use of satellite technology to offer a cost-effective solution for accurate mangrove mapping within..

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Giant barrel sponge (Xestospongia mute)

Sint Eustatius’ once-thriving coral reefs are now mere survivors, facing a decline from 25 percent hard coral cover in 1999 to less than 2.5 percent in 2021. This alarming trend has prompted an urgent initiative: a seven-year..

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E crispata blue

A recent study conducted by the University of Groningen investigated how three species of solar-powered sea slugs exhibit unique photoprotection strategies against excessive light. The study revealed connections between light..

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Palaemonidae shrimp (Pontonia manningi) photographed on Curaçao.

A recently published report found that the Dutch Caribbean hosts 46 species of Palaemonidae shrimp, 24 of which were recorded for the first time for one or more of the islands. These shrimp play a critical role in maintaining..

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Diadema sea urchin settlers cultured in the Diadema I project.

Caribbean coral reefs suffer from algae cover, which hinders new coral growth and survival. One of the causes is the absence of herbivorous Diadema sea urchins that graze on algae, but whose populations have plummeted. On January..

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Parrotfish- one of the species which got increased protection under the SPAW protocol.

The Protocol for Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife (SPAW Protocol) stands as a crucial framework dedicated to safeguarding biodiversity within the Caribbean. Recent announcements within the SPAW Protocol have extended extra..

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