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A recent study worked to quantify seagrass’ ability to minimize erosion in shallow water of Lac Bay, Bonaire. It also examined how intensive grazing can drastically affect seagrass’ ability to stabilize sediment. This research..

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icarusblauwtje in berm

In order to increase knowledge about Dutch biodiversity, a national approach to scientific research is necessary. To make this possible Naturalis, NIOO-KNAW, NIOZ-NWO and Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute-KNAW will start..

Continue reading 12 July 2020   1 jaar oud

From 5 to 20 December 2019, the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) and Wageningen Marine Research organized an expedition to the Saba Bank, close to the Dutch island of Saba in the Caribbean region. Experts on..

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Ecosystems can suddenly collapse when the pressure becomes too high. For this reason, predicting such tipping points is very important. An international team of researchers now shows that when the recovery of salt marshes slows..

Continue reading 21 June 2017   4 jaar oud
Een schor langs de Adriatische kust waar slijkgras voornamelijk is vervangen door zeekraal

Salt marshes along the Mediterranean coast are important habitat for fish and birds and these ecosystems store CO2 and help protect coasts against increasingly stronger waves and sea level rise. However, the dominant robust..

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Deep-sea coral reefs grow in the oceans at great depths in the dark. They can be found around the peaks of limestone mounds rising from the seafloor up to hundreds of meters. The corals produce these limestone mounds themselves:..

Continue reading 01 November 2016   4 jaar oud
zager op jacht naar voedsel, zeeduizenpoot

Ragworms that live in the seabed of tidal flats and marshes are opportunistic feeders and known to eat practically anything. Nevertheless, it was a big surprise to researchers when they discovered that the worms also have a much..

Continue reading 28 October 2016   4 jaar oud
Z. marina Sylt

Dutch biologists have discovered that seagrass seed is killed by waterborne fungi that are related to the well-known potato blight. These fungi, which have not previously been found in seawater, hinder seed germination and thus..

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Alleen kanoeten met lange snavels kunnen bij de diep ingegraven schelpdieren in de tropische overwinteringsgebieden. Individuen met kortere snavels zijn gedwongen te leven van zeegraswortels

Red knots migrate between their summer breeding grounds in the high Arctic and their wintering grounds in the West African tropics. Chicks currently born in the Arctic attain smaller sizes before migration starts because they miss..

Continue reading 13 May 2016   5 jaar oud
Een vlucht kanoeten in de Nederlandse Waddenzee

It seems so logical: animals come together where food is abundant. Yet, it is not so simple, say scientists from the NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research. New transmitters to track bird movements showed that red knots..

Continue reading 06 April 2016   5 jaar oud