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The stunning and unique nature of the six Dutch Caribbean islands will take center stage in the cinema film WOW! Caribbean Nature Uncovered. This project brings together various partners, including WWF-Netherlands and the Dutch..

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Gekweekte karkó in de omheining

The queen conch research called, 'Conquer the Future', has started in Bonaire. Thanks to joint efforts, young farmed conches were shipped by boat from Curaçao to Bonaire. These snails are released into the sea in Sorobon with the..

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Olie op de stranden van Bonaire

It was Monday afternoon when we received the news that oil spills had reached the east coast of Bonaire. The first thing that comes to mind is the extent of the damage to the environment and the animals. How can WWF-NL assist the..

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De karkó schelp (Aliger gigas) lead

From April to December 2023, one hundred farmed young Queen Conchs were released into the sea of Curaçao with the aim of strengthening the natural population of those conchs. In the pilot project ‘Conquer the Future’, marine..

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Installatie drijvend kweeksysteem

What started as an experiment in the Oceanium in Diergaarde Blijdorp in Rotterdam, grew into RoffaReefs on Bonaire. An organization committed to saving corals through fish farming. As a partner from the very beginning, Diergaarde..

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Black Mangrove roots

A new partnership between World Wide Fund for Nature – Netherlands (WWF-NL) the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) and Coastal Dynamics will spearhead an initiative to define future conservation and restoration projects within..

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Op de uitkijk voor walvissen en dolfijnen, met de camera in de hand

The Caribbean Cetacean Society (CCS) looks back with satisfaction at the first Ti Whale An Nou expedition on the ABC-islands. In the month of October CCS did scientific research on the diversity, distribution and movement patterns..

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Research by Wageningen University & Research (WUR) shows that there is potential on Bonaire to use Nature-based Solutions (NbS) against the consequences of climate change. Extreme weather is expected to occur more often. Tackling..

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For the first time in history, three species of boulder coral have been outplanted back to Bonaire’s reefs: lobed star coral, mountainous star coral, and great star coral. In late 2022, Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire began..

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In 2022, sixth joint scientific expeditions of the Ti Whale An Nou program took place. Ti Whale An Nou means 'Our own little whales'in a mix of English and French Caribbean Creole. The research program studies the diversity,..

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