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Machine learning, often called 'AI', makes it possible to uncover the mysterious world of animal communication, analysing their sounds that convey so much information. A new project called 'Bioacoustic AI' is going to make this..

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Ijsvis (Chaenocephalus aceratus).

An international team of biologists has sequenced the genomes of 24 Antarctic fish species to investigate how they survive the extreme cold. This work enables our study of how these organisms survive in the subzero Southern Ocean..

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Observation platforms help map the rapid spread of the southern birch leafminer moth. The changing climate seems to be the explanation for its speedy advance. ..

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Have you ever wondered what kind of species you see around you? A beautiful lizard, flower, or sea turtle? You can now easily check by taking a photo with your smartphone and uploading it on to the ObsIdentify app for..

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Geringde scholeksters met GPS-zenders

Tens of thousands of animals around the world are monitored using GPS trackers to protect wildlife and study animal behaviour. The collected data are also useful for biodiversity research, but are seldom available on platforms..

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A new study reveals that it would take 3 million years to recover the number of species that went extinct due to humans on Madagascar. However, if currently threatened species go extinct, recovering them would take more than 20..

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Achyranthes mangarevica Suess., een kleine boom alleen bekend van het eilandje Mangareva.

If a dried specimen of an extinct plant species still has seeds in a herbarium, is the plant really extinct? A global team of scientists toyed with that question. To arrive at the answer, they made a survey of all extinct plants..

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Roderick Bouman

The plant genus Phyllanthus was large and complex. PhD student Roderick Bouman disentangled it. ..

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Europese Boomkikker (Hyla arborea) (VOOR EENMALIG GEBRUIK)

Biology students from Leiden University have discovered two tree frog species in the Dutch coastal dunes that do not occur there naturally. A special DNA-technique revealed these potentially harmful tree frogs. Remarkable, but..

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Bewoners van het 'eiland van de dwergdinosauriërs' gelegen in het huidige Transylvanië tijdens het Krijt: Transylvanosaurus met schildpadden, krokodillen, grote pterosauriërs en andere dwergdinosauriërs

An international team of researchers has discovered a previously unknown species of dinosaur in western Romania and named it after its location in Transylvania: Transylvanosaurus platycephalus lived about 70 million years ago, and..

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