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Latex handschoen waarin baars gevangen was geraakt in Leidse grachten

The face masks and gloves designed to protect us are, in fact, dangerous for the animals around us. Scientists from Leiden warn that throughout the world, on land and in the water, animals are ingesting corona waste, or getting..

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Een mannetjes balkankamsalamander lead

Natural selection usually purges lethal, genetic mutations within the DNA as much as possible. However, occasionally an error occurs in nature that can cause species to become stuck with deadly mutations. Newts belonging to the..

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De juffer Mesopodagrion tibetanum komt alleen voor in de bergen van zuidoost Azië en is een van de slechts twee soorten van de familie Mesopodagrionidae.

A large-scale international study has resulted in a better understanding of the origin of six thousand species of dragonflies and damselflies on earth and of their relationship to each other. Scientists, including researchers from..

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Texaanse ratelslang

A snake’s venom gland is an organ with a clear function: producing toxins. Just over a year ago, scientists managed to culture so-called ‘organoids’ of these snake venom glands. In a recent publication, the research team explained..

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Van links naar rechts: De Aziatische epifytische orchideesoorten Pholidota fimbriata, Coelogyne fimbriata, Coelogyne fuscescens en Coelogyne cristata, die worden gebruikt vanwege hun geneeskrachtige werking

Increasing antibiotic resistance of microbes is a global challenge. Medicinal plant extracts are a promising alternative for treating microbial infections. Orchids are well known for their flowers, but they are also used in..

Continue reading 27 February 2021   1 maand oud
Turkse rivierkreeft - Pontastacus leptodactylus

Researchers from Naturalis and the University of Amsterdam have recorded the characteristics of the various species of crayfish found in the Netherlands. Based on their analysis, they expect that the marbled crayfish could become..

Continue reading 17 February 2021   2 mnd oud

The parachute plant Ceropegia sandersonii has an organ called a corona, which works as a 'fly filter'. Incoming flies are only released in exchange for pollination...

Continue reading 02 February 2021   2 mnd oud

Nepenthes are iconic carnivorous plants from Southeast Asia. With little uncovered about the developmental progression of their insect alluring traps, and a new tool morphing onto the scene of agriculture and industry, here,..

Continue reading 09 January 2021   3 mnd oud

The water levels of the Caspian Sea will be 9 to 18 meters lower than they are now, German and Dutch researchers calculate. In the Nature-journal Communications Earth & Environment they urge the world to act...

Continue reading 26 December 2020   3 mnd oud
Pinnixa cyllindrica

Two hundred years’ worth of literature and CT-scanned models give new insights in the evolution of pea crabs. Pea crabs are considered to be parasitic, living inside and on a wide range of hosts, including bivalves, ascidians and..

Continue reading 12 December 2020   4 mnd oud


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