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Plants release pungent fumes belowground to defend themselves against herbivores, plagues and pathogens. But can they also attract beneficial bacteria in this way? According to new findings by NIOO-researchers, they can...and..

Continue reading 20 March 2018   3 mnd oud

Massive growth of submerged aquatic plants can be a nuisance, especially in summer. It's up to water managers to limit the inconvenience for swimmers, boats and fishermen in a way that is both responsible and cost-effective. In..

Continue reading 03 January 2018   5 mnd oud

Climate change discussions on social media are very influential. A new study in BioScience shows that when it comes to iconic topics such as polar bears and retreating sea ice, climate blogs fall into two distinct camps. With..

Continue reading 30 November 2017   6 mnd oud

Ever wonder what makes soil, soil? And could soil from the Amazon rainforest really be the same as soil from your garden? Researchers from the University of Manchester and the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) are using..

Continue reading 28 November 2017   6 mnd oud

Due to climate change, including rising temperatures, more and more methane is bubbling up from lakes, ponds, rivers and wetlands throughout the world. The release of methane – a potent greenhouse gas – leads to a further increase..

Continue reading 25 November 2017   6 mnd oud

A nature area close to De Hoge Veluwe National Park has become the first Dutch site to be added to NutNet: a global research cooperative that studies the impact of human activity on grassland ecosystems...

Continue reading 22 November 2017   6 mnd oud

A British enthusiasm for feeding birds may have caused UK great tits to have evolved longer beaks than their European counterparts, according to new research. The findings, published in Science, identify for the first time the..

Continue reading 19 October 2017   8 mnd oud

If the weather's clear, you can see them from the air: the Marker Wadden. They're brand new islands in the Markermeer, a lake in the central Netherlands that was once part of the saltwater Zuiderzee. As more and more land emerges..

Continue reading 29 August 2017   9 mnd oud

In late March, the Netherlands Institute of Ecology launched an appeal to submit any sightings of mother ducks with ducklings to researcher Erik 'Dr. Duck' Kleyheeg. The aim of his citizen science project is to find out why..

Continue reading 09 August 2017   10 mnd oud

Northern lapwings are easy to spot during the breeding season, with their noisy aerial acrobatics. But as research led by the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) shows, lapwings that breed virtually next to each other in..

Continue reading 26 July 2017   10 mnd oud



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