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Zwerm spreeuwen

Young, naïve starlings are looking for their wintering grounds independently of experienced conspecifics. By revisiting a classic ‘displacement’ experiment and by adding new data, a team of researchers at the Netherlands Institute..

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The Dutch landscape is losing plant species that rely on pollination by insects, while plants pollinated by wind are proportionally increasing. Leiden environmental scientist Kaixuan Pan demonstrates this after analysing 87 years..

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Kleine zwaan (Cygnus bewickii)

Bewick’s swans fly less far during their autumn migration when the weather is warm. Climate change has therefore led to a shift in their common wintering areas. Now, for the first time, bird researchers have been able to pinpoint..

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Krista van den Heuvel bij de nestkasten van het NIOO

How important is cognitive flexibility – adjusting learned behaviour to fit new circumstances – for great tits' ability to adapt to a changing environment? Krista van den Heuvel did her PhD research at NIOO on this question. A..

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Microben in de bodem

Microbes can eat 'junk food' and grow fat, just like humans. New research led by NIOO's Kyle Mason Jones suggests this even happens when you might not expect it. "Soil micro-organisms apparently use resources in a much more..

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Scalesiabos in een krater

An international research team led by the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) is going to search for invisible life in the Galápagos Islands. The diversity of bacteria and other microscopic organisms may not be evident to..

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Bodemtransplantatie op locatie

A new study comparing 46 field experiments in 17 countries across four continents clearly spells it out: areas in need of nature restoration benefit from soil transplantation. The global results were collected by an international..

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Grote keizerlibel

"If no action is taken to better understand and reduce the impact of climate change on insects, we will drastically limit our chances of a sustainable future with healthy ecosystems."..

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Proefopstelling met algen-consumerende mosselen nadat de mosselen psychofarmaceutica in hun cellen hebben opgenomen.

More than one million people in the Netherlands are using medication against mental illnesses such as depression and psychosis. Residues of these medicines are found in waste water. After many cleansing treatments, our waste water..

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Ven in Grenspark Kalmthoutse Heide in Noord-Brabant

Imagine that you are sitting on the shore of a lake on a warm and sunny day. You just bought an ice cream and are enjoying it with your feet in the water. And then, whoops, the scoop drops from the cone into the water. The scoop..

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