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Cockles that were collected at a sampling station.

As tidal flats subside due to gas extraction, their composition changes. This is shown in a paper that is published in this month’s Journal of Applied Ecology. ..

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HRH Princess Beatrix, patron of the DCNA’s, receives an artwork made by local artist Armando Goedgedrag.

As the world witnesses and experiences the impacts of climate change, turning to nature could be a pragmatic way to adapt. The Dutch Caribbean, with a human population of less than 340,000 and a land area of just 800 square..

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Research by Wageningen University & Research (WUR) shows that there is potential on Bonaire to use Nature-based Solutions (NbS) against the consequences of climate change. Extreme weather is expected to occur more often. Tackling..

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Nederlandse en Indonesische onderzoekers aan het werk in een eroderend en zinkend mangrovenbos

Along the Asian coastlines there are many areas where rural communities experience alarming rates of sea level rises due to land subsidence up to ten centimetres per year. This causes tremendous challenges on how to live there and..

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Flamboyant tree.

Over the next three years, the Public Entity Saba (PES) will execute a reforestation project to restore wild forests, improve local food production and enhance Saba’s image as a green destination. ..

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Jon Dickson and Dorien Luttikhuis with tree reefs

Artificial reefs in the Wadden Sea, made from discarded pear trees, are teeming with marine life after more than a year under water. That's shown in experiments by Jon Dickson, PhD candidate at NIOZ. "After four months, we already..

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Over the past 500 million years, different single-celled organisms in the oceans have discovered at different times and also under very different conditions how to build a ‘shell’ around their single cell. “Six different..

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Deep sea life underground

A new ecosystem has been discovered in volcanic caves beneath hydrothermal vents at a well-studied undersea volcano at 2.500 metres below sea level. Using an underwater robot, scientists overturned chunks of volcanic crust,..

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Amazon canopy

In certain areas in the Amazon, forests that were altered by humans during the past several hundred years may contain higher abundances of plant species that are more resilient to modern fire or drought events. ..

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The Netherlands extracts a lot of sand from the North Sea for all kinds of purposes. However, more and more sand has to be extracted, which means that sand extraction pits have to be dug ever deeper. Previously up to about two..

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