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Bumble bee

Bumblebees can be trained to score goals using a mini-ball, revealing unprecedented learning abilities, according to scientists at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)...

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Elephant in Majete Park, Malawi

How is Africa’s wildlife faring? Last year there were a number of significant actions taken on behalf of, and new data released about, many of Africa’s iconic species. What follows is a brief summary of these developments...

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Pepermint Goby

The underwater nature of the Dutch Caribbean island of Sint Eustatius is particularly rich . Since 1996, the nature around Sint Eustatius is protected in a Marine Park, managed by STENAPA. However, marine live is under pressure by..

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Buttercup flowers are known for their intense, shiny yellow colour. For over a century, biologists have sought to understand why the buttercup stands out. University of Groningen scientists have now brought together all that was..

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grassland; grasland

‘Relationships’ in the soil become stronger during the process of nature restoration. Although all major groups of soil life are already present in former agricultural soils, they are not really ‘connected’ at first. These..

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Rhodos-saga Saga rhodiensis, kwetsbaar op de rode lijst

Over a quarter of European grasshopper, cricket and bush cricket species are being driven to extinction by unsustainable agricultural practices and the growing frequency of wildfires in Europe, a new IUCN report states...

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One time use. Sailfish, baitball, hunting, open ocean

Sailfish are large oceanic predatory fish that attack their prey with their long, sharp bills. When hunting, individuals increase their success rate by specialising in one attacking side, as a team led by researcher Dr. Ralf..

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Local fishermen hired in the project place fascines to protect salt marsh edges from erosion

In the past 100 years 72% of the salt marshes of the lagoon of Venice was lost due to erosion. The EU LIFE VIMINE project successfully reduced erosion by creating biodegradable barriers of wooden fascines. Long-term protection is..

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Great barrier reef, koraalrif

If the world continues with 'business as usual' CO2 emissions important reef building corals will suffer significantly by 2050 and die off by 2100. Increased CO2 makes some algae produce more potent chemicals that suppress or kill..

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Fence Greater Mara

The Greater Mara is a 668,500 hectare natural area in south-western Kenya which is home to a unique variety of wildlife. But it is also home to the famous Masai tribe. New research shows that the area is gravely threatened by..

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