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In het voorjaar ontwaken de kleinere mannen enkele weken eerder dan de grote vrouwen om zich voor te bereiden op de paring. Deze ringslangmannen kijken uit naar het eerste vrouwtje die ontwaakt uit de winterslaap

Last year, Rijkswaterstaat (part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) carried out major repairs on some parts of the dykes of the former island of Marken in the IJsselmeer. Because this snake hibernates in..

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Het vliegtuig heeft speciale ronde ramen, dit geeft een onbelemmerd uitzicht op de zee onder het vliegtuig

This week, a group of eight researchers from five European countries is together for a special meeting in Le Touquet, France, to prepare a survey to assess the abundance and distribution of cetaceans in the European North Sea and..

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Alleen kanoeten met lange snavels kunnen bij de diep ingegraven schelpdieren in de tropische overwinteringsgebieden. Individuen met kortere snavels zijn gedwongen te leven van zeegraswortels

Red knots migrate between their summer breeding grounds in the high Arctic and their wintering grounds in the West African tropics. Chicks currently born in the Arctic attain smaller sizes before migration starts because they miss..

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Gewone padden op trek

If all the amphibians that were helped over the road in the Netherlands were put nose to tail, there would be a queue of nearly 19 kilometres, roughly the distance between Amsterdam and Utrecht; an increase of 2.5 kilometres..

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Leo van der Heiden (Ministerie EZ), Teo Wams (Natuurmonumenten), Dianne Nijland (Vogelbescherming Nederland) en Fran├žois Kremer (Europese Commissie, of beter:  Natura 2000 Policy Coordinator at the European Commission's Nature Unit).

The Netherlands could become an example of a densely populated and fertile river delta where both nature and culture will flourish. It can become a country with a healthy environment, rich in nature with both a better business..

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Ephemeral algae in eelgrass

Management measures aimed at restoring commercial stocks of marine fish, for example cod, is an efficient tool to decrease eutrophication effects in coastal areas. This is the main conclusion of a new study reviewing over 50..

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In 2015, for the first time ever, the Adder was observed throughout the year in National Park De Meinweg, in the southern Dutch province of Limburg, even in December! This is now clear from recently processed data from the Snake..

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Sturnus vulgaris. Spreeuw

Plant roots exhibit starling behaviour. The interactions between roots are essential to the continued existence of rich biodiversity in wild plant communities. Professor Frank Berendse denounced the current ammonia and pesticide..

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Een vlucht kanoeten in de Nederlandse Waddenzee

It seems so logical: animals come together where food is abundant. Yet, it is not so simple, say scientists from the NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research. New transmitters to track bird movements showed that red knots..

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The new Red Data List for fish was published on January 1st 2016. RAVON carried out the analyses for species associated with fresh water. Of the more than 40 species that reproduce within the Netherlands, 19 appear on the new..

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