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red billed tropicbird, roodsnavelkeerkringvogel

Red-billed Tropicbirds were once thought to be rare visitors to the Southern Caribbean, however, there has been an increase in sightings in recent years. A new study published in the Journal of Caribbean Ornithology with authors..

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Lac Bay, Bonaire

A study by Wageningen University and Research set up a series of design sessions, workshops and interviews to describe a vision for Bonaire in 2050. In this ‘nature inclusive vision’, measures to combat challenges for people in..

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In 2022, sixth joint scientific expeditions of the Ti Whale An Nou program took place. Ti Whale An Nou means 'Our own little whales'in a mix of English and French Caribbean Creole. The research program studies the diversity,..

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CACTUS-database website presentatie

Since 2018, Wageningen University & Research and Carmabi cooperate in bringing together historical and recent data on vegetation composition and plant species distribution on the six Dutch Caribbean islands. The collected data in..

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Two new position papers presented to the Dutch Parliament, by the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance and Wageningen University and Research, emphasise the need for empowered park management organizations as well as the use of Nature..

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Since 2016 the Mangrove Maniacs of Bonaire have dedicated themselves to the restoration and conservation of mangroves on the island. Monitoring research has provided key insights into the conditions that favour growth and..

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The Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance just hosted the Big Live Nature Quiz for young people aged 12-14, living on Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Maarten, and Sint Eustatius. With 134 participating teams from across the six..

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Research conducted by the Saba Bank Management Unit and Wageningen University and Research documented the third incidence of rapid lionfish population decline within the Western Atlantic since their introduction over thirty years..

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Worldwide, coral reefs are in danger of disappearing. Several solutions are needed to keep coral reefs healthy. It is interesting to explore the role that fish can play in maintaining or improving the ecosystem. Reef fish are..

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In 2018 , Naturalis Biodiversity Center conducted the first mosquito survey for the Dutch Leeward Islands – Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius and Saba – in more than 70 years. In November, they plan to repeat these surveys, this time..

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