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Capgemini experts, together with Naturalis Biodiversity Center and Amazon Web Services, have developed AI models that recognize insect sounds. This is important both for research and nature conservation. ..

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Amateur-experts tijdens de Barcoding-NL dag

The partnership ARISE wants to map all Dutch biodiversity. Therefore, they called on the help of experts with their own collection from Dutch nature. With success! The bardcoding NL day was the start to expand the national DNA..

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What different types of plants and fungi exist, how does variety in species arise, and how are the species doing? A new report from Kew Botanical Gardens released last Tuesday answers these questions. Naturalis researcher Renske..

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Hidden in the Amazon forest are thousands of remnants of ancient civilizations. These hidden structures, also called geoglyphs, reveal much about the history of the Amazon. A major study of these geoglyphs and their relationship..

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Foto van het fossiel van Eriptychius americanus

Using X-ray imaging, Naturalis researcher Richard Dearden and colleagues have discovered what the cartilages that surrounded the brain of the 455-million-year-old fish Eriptychius americanus looked like. Dearden's research was..

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Machine learning, often called 'AI', makes it possible to uncover the mysterious world of animal communication, analysing their sounds that convey so much information. A new project called 'Bioacoustic AI' is going to make this..

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Ijsvis (Chaenocephalus aceratus).

An international team of biologists has sequenced the genomes of 24 Antarctic fish species to investigate how they survive the extreme cold. This work enables our study of how these organisms survive in the subzero Southern Ocean..

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Observation platforms help map the rapid spread of the southern birch leafminer moth. The changing climate seems to be the explanation for its speedy advance. ..

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Have you ever wondered what kind of species you see around you? A beautiful lizard, flower, or sea turtle? You can now easily check by taking a photo with your smartphone and uploading it on to the ObsIdentify app for..

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Geringde scholeksters met GPS-zenders

Tens of thousands of animals around the world are monitored using GPS trackers to protect wildlife and study animal behaviour. The collected data are also useful for biodiversity research, but are seldom available on platforms..

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